Directions: Silk Board Junction --> Elevated Expressway (Electronic city/Hosur road) --> Hosur --> Kamat Restaurant (Left side while heading towards Krishnagiri. 13 km from Hosur) --> Go for 31 Km to the Indian Oil petrol pump. DO NOT TAKE flyover after Indian Oil Pump. After the Indian Oil petrol pump, you need to take a left turn off the highway towards Vepanapalli (the village after the left turn is Kunderapalli) --> After the left go for 16 km to Veppanapalli --> Take right to go to Konganapalli --> Bamboo Rustles Camp(four km after Konganapalli). At one point the metal(pukka) road will give way to MUD ROAD and the camp is about 100 meters from there and the first building on that road. WE HAVE NO BOARDS FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE CAMP OR AT THE CAMP.
Remember you should not cross the Krishnagiri toll ! Do not reach Krishnagiri!

Important Notes 1. From Kamath, you will cross McDonald after 9 km, Vijay Dhaba at 25 km, HP petrol pump at 26.5 km and indian oil pump 31 km. DO NOT TAKE flyover after Indian Oil Pump. You have to take the service road and take a left for Veppanpalli (The village just after taking left turn is kunderapalli).

2. Once in Vepanapalli, head straight through the town for about 1/2 a km till you come to a point where the road is going straight but there is a big right heading to Konganapalli. Take that right to go to Bamboo Rustles camp,approx 10 km from turn off..

3. "Bamboo Rustles Camp" shows correct route on Google Maps if searched from Bangalore. But it does NOT show correct route when searched from eastern part of Bangalore/Whitefield area.

*Coming via Bagalur-Berikai? Don't get lost! See Below* If you are coming from Whitefield Area via Sarjapur-Bagalur-Berigai-KGF Road-Vepanpalli-Bamboo Rustles Camp, please note that Google maps incorrectly asks you to take a LEFT on KGF road after Berigai and sends you to Sanganapalli(Andhra Pradesh)! DO NOT take this left. It does NOT connect you to Bamboo Rustles camp. Instead, continue on KGF road to Vepanapalli. From Vepanapalli, take a left to go to Bamboo Rustles camp, approx 10 km from that turn off..

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